Parenting and Family Consultations

Parent and Family Consultations

Parenting Consultations

Parenting is art and science. Like the pursuit of art, effective parenting is intuitive, creative, and engaging. Like all science, “good enough” parenting requires knowledge, specific skills, and a focus on methods and strategies. Unlike the pursuit of either the arts or sciences, parents have typically had very little training, and yet, they are faced with the most complicated, intense role imaginable – raising a child in a safe environment, nurturing the child, meeting this child’s physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs. Research tells us that most PARENTS today grew up in less than adequate child-rearing environments, and have not themselves experienced a positive attachment with a parent, though this is a biological need. And then we are faced with this extraordinary task of caring for a little human who cannot care for themselves, a baby who needs us to know about “good enough” parenting.

Parenting Consultations
provide an opportunity for a parent to talk with a specialist in child development, attachment and the art and science of parenting, learn about his or her own strengths and unique challenges in the parent child relationship. Parenting consultations can assist parents in understanding their child or children’s needs, and provide guidance in meeting those needs. These consultations can review interactions with children and parenting scenarios, in order for parents to learn from experiences and learn to be more effective at the art and science of parenting! In the job of parenting, love is necessary, but it is not enough …. We need to develop our intuition, creativity and ability to engage with the children we are given … and we need to know HOW to meet our child or children’s unique physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs. Parenting consultations can help parents develop into their best parenting selves!

Family Consultations

Many families today are faced with diverse and challenging external and internal stressors, for example, finances, illness, members with special needs, relationship dysfunction, childhood trauma or maltreatment experienced by parents, work stress, extended family dysfunction, child or adolescent problems. Family Consultations can identify challenges and dysfunctions in the family system, and the therapist can work with parents or the family to overcome challenges, correct dysfunction, and build a stronger, happier and healthier family.