Family Relationship Resolution
& Reunification Services
with Court Involved Families

Capitol Psychology Services offers the following services for Court Involved families:
• Co-Parent Counseling
• Family Therapy
• Parent Consultations
  Supporting the Children through the Divorce Process & Beyond
• Parenting Plan Development
• Assessments – Individual, Parent, Family
• Family Reunification Services
• Therapeutic Visitation Services
• Consultations with Guardians ad Litem, Family Law Attorneys, Mental Health Clinicians working with high-conflict families

Our mission when working with families involved with the Family Court System, is provide services that are transformative for the family, helping the family dynamic change from high-conflict, distrusting, estranged and maltreating to child-centered, supportive and focused on developing positive, meaningful relationships within the family and in the family’s interaction with the community. Our services provide education, support and opportunities for positive change for families that have struggled with hostility, domestic violence, relationship dysfunction, stress of court involvement, financial hardship, and parenting challenges common in family transitions. We strive to offer an alternative for families involved with the Court system, an option to move away from litigation and engage in a healthy process of building a strong family system that is child-focused and meets the needs of all in the family.

These services are available to families, whether they have been ordered to participate or are looking to heal their family relationships before, during or after a challenging family transition.

Fees for Services for Court-Involved Families

When families are Court-involved and psychological services have been ordered or recommended by the Court, these psychological services are not necessarily covered by medical insurance companies. When Court-involved families are seeking services, Dr. Leville and associates will determine,after an initial 6 to 8 session assessment period, whether services can and will be billed to the families’ insurance company. Under no circumstances will Capitol Psychology Services bill Court-involved clients’ insurance company until after this assessment phase.

Fees for Services range from $150 to $200 per hour.

When providing services to Court-involved families, a $600 Retainer is required prior to the initiation of services. These funds are held until the end of services to cover unpaid fees, or are utilized during the provision of services to cover fees that are outstanding for more than 30 days. If these funds are not utilized, they will be returned to the family after the close of Court processes.