Denise Leville, PhD

“I believe psychotherapy should be solution focused, compassionate, and forward thinking — and that the therapist brings expertise on the process of change but each individual has the innate and unique ability to live a happier life.”

I have dedicated my career as a clinical psychologist to assisting individuals, families and couples in building stronger relationships and transforming life’s challenges into opportunities for healthy emotional, personal and professional growth and development. Using a strength based, client centered coaching model that incorporates cognitive behavioral, experiential, relational and solution focused techniques, I work collaboratively with all age individuals and families as they pursue happier, more productive and meaningful lives.

Treatment areas include:

• Exposure to Trauma & PTSD
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Emotional Challenges related to Abuse & Neglect as a Child
• Attachment Issues
• Parenting Challenges
• Children & Adolescents with Emotional, Behavioral, or Educational Issues
• Dysfunctional Family Relationships
• Disconnected Couples
• Families and Individuals with Challenges related to Adoption
• Families in Divorce Transition
• Stage of Life Issues for Children, Adolescents & Adults

I have worked for many years with Court – Involved families, and provide the following services:

• Co-Parent Counseling
• Parenting Plan Development
• Family Reunification Services
• Therapeutic Visitation
• Parent Coaching
• High Conflict Family Therapy
• Assessments – Parenting, Family, Trauma

I love my work with the youngest of children and their parents to adolescents, adults, families and couples, and continue to learn and grow as a psychologist with advanced training and extensive experience in trauma recovery, anxiety, child development, parent coaching, attachment issues, and working with dysfunctional, high conflict families. My goal is to help each client lead a more mindful, meaningful, productive and happier life.